map of Germany and Austria Erik Schjeide's 2007 European Travel Blog
Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is a famous structure and was a major gathering point during the fall of the wall. Embassies surround the large square. The US embassy is currently under construction. The German capital buildings are nearby.


During the division of East and West Berlin the Reichtag was a museum. It has been redesignated as the seat of government in unified Germany.

Reichtag Arches

Arches in a passageway of the Reichtag.

Burgstrasse in Lindenfels

There is a memorial near the Brandenburg Gates for the victims trying to escape the eastern sector.

Atelier Volk - photo studio owned by friends

A double row of cobblestones follow the path of the former wall along the city streets. In some cases it spanned buildings and windows were cemented in. Many of these structures have been torn down and replaced in a vibrant city center.

The Wall

Remnants of the wall.

German government buildings

New government buildings built of glass signify a transparent open government in unified Germany.

Jewish memorial

The Jewish Holocaust Memorial is a maze of slabs spanning a city block.


Berlin is cosmopolitan city with many modern buildings. Near Potsdamer Platz the Sony center features a huge IMAX theater and there are a lot of shops and restaurants under an expansive glass ceiling.

Berlin: old and new

Berlin is an interesting blend of old and new. The TV tower in the right side of the frame is seen from most places. It offers those who are not weak-hearted an extensive view of the city. I stayed on the ground.

friends Rudolf and Merta

My friends Rudolf and Merta were very hospitable and great tour guides as we bicycled all through town.