map of Germany and Austria Erik Schjeide's 2007 European Travel Blog
Lindenfels: view of town

The main part of town is built on a hilltop

Adolf market on Nibelungenstrasse
Mural on side of building on Burgstrasse

Mural on building in town

Burgstrasse in Lindenfels
Atelier Volk - photo studio owned by friends

Atelier Volk - My friend's photo studio

Looking past houses to valley below
Bakery sign on Burgstrasse
Bakery on Burgstrasse
Gasthouse in nearby Schlierbach - great apple wine!

Schlierbach: A nearby village - my rental car is the cute Mercedes "A" front center

"The Roman Emperor" Inn sign in Schlierbach
stream through Schlierbach
Friend Gret in front of his house

My friend Gret in front of his house

Waldshlosschen Inn with Mercedes rental car

The Waldschlosschen Inn where I stayed - there's my car again