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Hotel Transit Berlin

Approaching my hotel / hostel involved going through a courtyard and taking an elevator to the lobby. At night the courtyard was shut with a sliding gate and monitored by a video camera. It involved buzzing the "concierge" and bypassing the gate by entering where the lady is shown and exiting again into the courtyard on the other side. I had to laugh because it seemed more like "Hotel Transient Keep Out"


Kreuzberg is a lively neighborhood populated with a cross-section of students and professionals. Like everywhere in Berlin during the summer there are lots of places to sit outside and drink coffee or have a beer.



Berlin glass condos
Berlin glass condos

An interesting apartment complex with multiple transparent and colored glass facades. After sporadic destruction during WWII, the renovations are a blend of modern and inventive structures along with remnants of older styles.

Berlin glass condos

cut out sculpture

view of Stadtmitte

A park in Kreuzberg offers an excellent view of how the neighborhood merges into the central part of the city.

tourist boat on the canal

Along with the river Spree, there are several canals in Berlin


Old wrought iron decorate the buildings in Gamla Stan

Swans are all over the European continent

Dreadilocks was here

Neptune is a popular deity

Trolls in display window

In spite of being a bustling urban center, Berlin has a lot of green space