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Vinyards in Bolzano

On the second weekend off during the residency I took a trip to Italy. Well, Bolzano is in the Alps right over the summit from Austria, and although they speak Italian in town the people in the countryside speak German. I guess the area has traded hands over the millenia, but it's been part of Italy since after WW I.

square in Bozano

Therefore, the town is a hybrid of Austrian and Italian culture and architectural styles.

Bolzano street


old town Bolzano
fruit stand

Narrow streets in the old part of town offer specialty shops such as this fruit stand.

wood balconies

Wood is used for special purposes, such as decks, windows and shutters.

frog fountain


Fountains and Trumpetvines are everywhere.

castle in Bolzano

This castle is next to a park and has a large vinyard surrounding it.



Contrast between new and old design.



Arches join the buildings together stretching across cobblestone streets.

hotel window

Bolzano is simply amazing.

window bars
Erik's artist talk

Back at school later that week I gave my artist talk presentation.


graduation picture

And then, graduation!... A photo with Zoran and Jair.

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