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Ort Castle

Some may remember a similar photo from my 'blog' last year. That's because I stopped briefly in Gmunden on a longer trip to Halstatt, snapped a couple of pictures, but vowed to come back.

Gmunden harbor

Gmunden is situated on the south shore of Traun Lake. The entire region is a salt mining area in the northern Austrian alps - hence the sculpture with the miner bearing a salt crystal.

salt miner statue


coat of arms and date
river Traun

The town dates to 1278 as shown along with the coat of arms on the city gates. The Traun river flows into the lake.

Gmunden entry from bridge

mahogany boat

mother duck and ducklings

A beautiful mahogany boat and cute ducklings.

Samira and Nancy on the bridge

My friends Samira and Anne hide behind the camera.


Lake promenade

A relaxing day slowly strolling along the lake shore and taking pictures was a nice break from school.

Samira at garden restaurant

terrace cafe

We took cover from a thunder cloud burst at a fancy terrace cafe that provided a great view. It was a wet walk back to the train, but at least it was a warm day.