map of Norway, Sweden, Germany and Austria Erik Schjeide's 2008 European Travel Blog
Stockholm: view of a harbour

The old part of town, called Gamla Stan, is on an island surrounded by a "natural moat"

narrow street in Gamla  Stan
Gamla Stan roofline

Gamla Stan is famous for its quaint, narrow streets

Cathedral in Gamla Stan
square in Gamla Stan

A square in Gamla Stan

Stockholm waterway and train

Trains and boats are common modes of transportation

fountain in courtyard

This beautiful fountain is in the center of a courtyard

royal palace

The royal palace

Tourist turned to stone

The royal guards are subduing the tourists

Royal guards
Swedish flag flying

Government buildings near the royal palace


Old wrought iron decorate the buildings in Gamla Stan

Ornate earthquake support?

Dreadilocks was here

Dreadilocks was here

Trolls in display window

Some distant relatives

lovely swan fountain

I bade farewell to Stockholm to visit with friends in Berlin