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Erik Schjeide PhD, MFA ~ Intermedia Scholar, Artist, Craftsman

Independent scholar, artist and craftsman Erik Schjeide hosts Humboldt Multimedia as a portal for viewing a wide variety of his projects.

As a scholar, Erik primarily focuses on material culture and the analysis of referential intermedia, such as the description of a work of art in a poem - or literature transformed into an opera. As a multimedia artist and craftsman, he applies the results of his analysis to design hypothetical reconstructions and crafted installations.

His most recent work has been in the area of Scandinavian Languages and Literatures at University of California, Berkeley.

Altstadt Mythos is a series of animated mythological tales featuring 21st century deities living in Old Town.

View finely crafted furniture and cabinetry.

In addition to these areas of interest select from the menu above to find other samples of work and curriculum vitae.